High-Quality Alumina and Fused Silica Ceramic Refractories

Ipsen Ceramics produces a wide range of custom-designed refractory shapes. These include, but not limited to, crucibles, ladles, plates, saggers, bricks, discs, cylinders, muffle assemblies, saddles and custom kiln furniture. Ipsen Ceramics' quality begins with the selection of high-purity raw materials. Our products are creating using two basic materials, I-COR alumina and I-SIL fused silica, and a thixotropic vibracast method.

In addition, our formulations provide the dimensional stability needed in load-bearing applications, as well as exceptional abrasion and thermal shock resistance in brazing, heat treat, sintering, melting and ceramic firing. Whether your process involves corrosive dry gas environments, rapid thermal changes or high vapor pressure, Ipsen Ceramics has the composition and technology needed to meet your requirements.

We know how critical it is to get your production back up and running, and that is why we strive to have the shortest lead times in the industry. We constantly produce parts in both standard and custom configurations and stock multiple sizes for quick shipment.

With a Ceramic Engineer on staff to assist in the selection of materials and provide drawings and mix information, our quality products are accompanied by a full-service experience. We are always open to new challenges and dedicated to help solve your ceramic refractory needs.

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